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Welcome to, we are an amazing company.  We believe in honesty, integrity and more than anything, character.  

"Trying is having the subconscious intention to fail. Don't try, Just do it!" - Jerome Robinson & Nike.

Principles of Personal Ethics include:

Concern for the well-being of others
Respect for the autonomy of others
Trustworthiness & honesty
Willing compliance with the law (with the exception of civil disobedience)
Basic justice; being fair
Refusing to take unfair advantage
Benevolence: doing good
Preventing harm

Jerome Robinson / President & CEO

The Villages 466 Store in Oxford: (352) 553-4921

Belleview: (352) 553-4921

Summerfield Dish & DirecTV Store: (352) 553-4921

Summerfield CenturyLink Store (352) 553-4921

West Melbourne, FL: (321) 541-7059
Orlando, FL: (407) 777-3200

“Vision without action is a daydream. ... Action without vision is a nightmare.” Japanese Proverb

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